Hi! We are excited that you are applying to QLEAD! Applications are due October 8th by 11:59pm. Best of luck to all and we look forward to reading your responses.
- QLEAD Delegates Team
For more information, visit our website: https://www.qleadofficial.com/
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High School? *

Grade? *

Did you attend QLEAD as a delegate last year? *

What is a fun fact about you? *

“When there is no struggle, there is no strength” - Oprah Winfrey. With this in mind, describe a time when you overcame a challenge and how it helped you become a better leader. (200 words) *

Describe a leader who has had an impact on you. What traits make them so influential and which of those attributes have you adopted into your own leadership endeavours? (200 words) *

Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind. (68.5 words) *

Creative: Using any medium of choice (writing, dancing, painting, video, ANYTHING), show us something you are passionate about (excluding leadership). Please email this to qlead.delegates@gmail.com. *

How did you hear about QLEAD? If it was through a QLEAD Brand Ambassador, please indicate their full name.

The conference fee is $395 plus tax.

Thank you for your application!

Keep an eye on your email as we will be notifying both successful and unsuccessful applicants of their status as soon as the revision process is complete. 

Meet our executive team as we give our high school selves advice!

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